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Air Conditioning Functions

Comfort air conditioning come to be defined as providing five main aspects of the atmosphere that surrounds us when we are in a building. These aspects are: (1) the temperature measured on a regular thermometer, also called the dry bulb temperature; (2) relative humidity (moisture content in the air is measured in percentage); (3) air quality; (4) its smell; and (5) of its movement. Total comfort air conditioning control system, at the same time, all of these five aspects. It is obvious that most of the systems we call "air conditioning" is not only a partial operation of air-conditioning. For cooling and heating (temperature regulation), as a rule, the minimum functions expected from any air conditioning system.

As you review the types of air-conditioning systems, please pay close attention to the location of the cooling components in comparison with the conditioned space. As we have seen in previous modules, cooling system, always will consist of four main components: the evaporator, compressor, condenser and liquid metering device.

While the compressor starts, the refrigerant would absorb and release heat, moving from one component to another through the refrigerant. The direction of flow is shown by arrows.

Here is a typical office space in which people can work. Heat flows in the space from people, equipment, lighting and external (ambient) air, if it is warmer than in the room. This space must be cooled in order to prevent overheating, which will quickly make it uncomfortable. It is obvious that most of the buildings contain many gaps that require cooling. The volume of cooling capacity sent all the rooms can be controlled by one or more thermostats. Each region, which has its ability controlled by a thermostat called " zone of control. Area may consist of one room, several rooms in the wing of the building, the entire floor of a building or the whole building. All rooms are air-conditioned building has at least one control zone. The larger the building, the more control areas in which he needs.

Historically, most of the houses and small commercial buildings used a control zone. As the cost of energy has grown, however, so also use multiple zones of control. In addition, the use of electronic control systems, increased the popularity of several zones of control even on low-power jobs.

The Task Of Air Conditioning. How to remove this heat four basic systems

  1. all rooms
  2. all water
  3. water air
  4. direct refrigerant
There are four main types of systems used for air conditioning of these zones. They are all air-water, air, water, and direct refrigerant. Some are better than others, in respect of certain uses; therefore, each type has been developed. The name of each of these types of tells a liquid circulated zone or zones in the building...
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