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Oil specification

Behavior lubricating oil in the refrigerant circuit and physical interaction with the refrigerant itself is the dominant factor in the development of schemes in General, and evaporators in particular. Compressors for refrigeration is a mechanical device, the parts that slide together and lubrication to reduce friction, remove the frictional heat and help with gas seals.

Lubricants for commercial systems based on mineral oils, and requires the following properties of the lubricant selected:

  1. It must be compatible with the refrigerant, i.e. not any form of compounds or promote chemical activity.
  2. Mixture of the refrigerant in the chain lubrication must provide adequate lubrication for the working parts.
  3. It should not strengthen or throw away any solid particles, such as wax, within the operating range, or clog filters and dryers.
  4. It must be free of water or other contaminants that affect the system.
  5. He must not be inclined to foaming.
  6. He must be resistant to oxidation (high flash point).
  7. It should have low vapour pressure.
  8. For sealing and - semi-hermetic compressors she should have high dielectric strength.
Great choice of oils available, and recommendations for any set of conditions, the type of compressor and refrigerant can be obtained from refiners.

They naphthenic or paraffin oils. Synthetic lubricants have been developed for the ultra-low and high temperature of the system, especially for the process heat pumps...
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