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Cylinder Head

The cylinder head, for both external drive and hermetic compressors as a rule, are made of cast iron. Chapter serves as a pressure plate. It supports and conducts valves and plates in place. It also provides a couple of excerpts from the compressor. Compression pressure can be up to 300 psi (2170 kPa). These pressures depend on the type of refrigerant used. Valve plate must, therefore, have good support. There must be no leakage strip on both sides of the valve.

In some hermetic systems, the entire compressor casing is inside the dome. All the space inside the dome, works on the suction line. Therefore, the whole dome under low pressure. In such systems, not the intake manifold required. Just a hole in the inlet valve or valves required. In cylinder head usually attached to the cylinder with the screws. Fig. 4-41 is a cutaway view of commercial multicylinder reciprocating hermetic compressor. Suction line connects to the stop valves on the right end. Exhaust system, which is connected to the capacitor is connected to the outlet of the valve block (left side).

Note the location of the crankcase heater.

Also, note the discharge header of spring security. This relieves the pressure in the cylinder when the limit is exceeded safe operation. (This excess pressure can be due to congestion, the refrigerant liquid or refrigerant oil.)


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