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Compressor lubrication

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Compressor Lubrication

All moving surfaces of any of the compressor must be adequately lubricated to avoid excessive wear and heat buildup. Each compressor design will have funds, forcing oil through the compressor. Some hermetic compressors are designed crankshaft serves as the oil pump. Other designs use a separate oil pump to create the necessary consumption of lubrication. There, as a rule, a pressure regulator, included in the system of lubrication of the compressor. This prevents excessive pressure on bearings that will lead to increased power consumption and can lead to damage of the compressor.

A small amount of lubricating oil is mixed with the refrigerant in the compressor. Compressors are intended to keep this to a minimum. Cooling systems and piping shall be designed to oil return to the compressor the same rate at which it leaves. Proper design allows not to create places where the oil can fall into the trap.


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