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Freezing and tempering cycle

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Vacation Stop Chilled Foods

Harding (thawing) freeze-refrigerated products is of paramount importance for the food company and a series of tests was conducted Gerety (2004). The main trial involved vacation in the commercial block (SB10, six-pallet box; with 20 m3)provided by Dawson rentals blowing cycles of warm and cold air on a product that thawed. In tests, 216-produced lasagna, ready-made meals were placed in 27 box (performers) (2 rows of 4 in each field). T-type thermocouple wire were inserted in the geometric center (the nucleus) and between food and plastic seal (surface) 12 food at random before freezing. Frozen meals in the boxes were placed in the tempering unit in one of the three configuration window: (a) separated (air space between each box), (b) three together (airspace between the groups on the three boxes), and (c) stacked (no air space).

When the boxes were stacked in threes, the temperature in the centremost boxes were about 10C below during each testing time than the temperature of the more open the box, and product surface and the core temperature was still around -4C after 24 hours. This shows that tightly stacking is not an option, and best practices for effective vacation is separated configuration window..

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