What is low side float valve? - Expansion valve float

The low Side of the Float (LSF)

In Joiv side of the float is used on systems where flooded evaporator flooded with refrigerant and refrigerant level is controlled by a float valve. Float is used for control. As the refrigerant evaporates, the liquid level falls. This reduces swimming, and, in turn, opens the needle valve connected to it. More fluid comes from the high pressure in the liquid line, taking the place of the evaporated liquid.

Fig. 4-23 include external and internal construction of the flooded evaporator with the low side. The low side of the float system usually has a large liquid receiver. The receiver must be large enough to store all of refrigerant in the system.

Oil, picked up a pair usually comes through a small hole at the specified level in the suction tube return. Since the diameter of the holes of small, if the device is not on the level, the oil will not return to the compressor and oil binding" can lead to. When this happens, it forms a layer on the surface of the liquid refrigerant. This prevents evaporation of the coolant rapidly or at the temperature, corresponding to the pressure.

On the low side of the float refrigerant management can be used in multiple evaporator systems.



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