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Freezing equipment

The most popular types of equipment for freezing food products include shock freezing, contact plate freezers, individually quick-frozen (IQF) conveyor freezers, spiral freezers, and cryogenic freezers. One of the oldest and still widely used methods of shock frosts, which cooled air, perhaps -30 to -40C (-22 to -40F) forced at high speed over the product, as shown schematically in Fig. 17.9. Operation batch process in which the product is loaded pallets in shock freezing cells and the process continued until the food is frozen. Depending on the product, and, in particular, the form of packaging, freezing process may require, perhaps, from 12 to 72 hours. An important requirement is that the air may be allowed access to any surface of a product or package, a requirement that can be supported by installing struts vertically and horizontally between packages.

"Freezer", which enjoys great popularity and a spiral freezer, as shown schematically in Fig. 17.10. Launched a product, either individually wrapped packages are in a long spiral trajectory at constant metal conveyor.

The chamber houses part of the spiral conveyor, and the cooled air is circulating at high speeds throughout the chamber. Spiral freezer location allows you to stay a product from half to two hours, as necessary for freezing and institutions requires only a moderate amount of space.

Another concept, refrigeration and freezing equipment stove freezer), as shown in Fig. 17.11. This freezer has a number of layers packages held between multiple plates, which are frozen by evaporating refrigerant. Sheets are served flexible refrigerant lines, so that once the product is frozen, plates may be cancelled, either manually or with hydraulic so that the product can be squeezed out of the freezer on a conveyor belt. Direct contact of the cold plate with the package leads to rapid freezing, but the disadvantage of this equipment is a number of mechanical devices which need to be preserved.

Another approach to commercial freezing is IQF freezer (individually quick-frozen) equipment, as shown in Fig. 17.12, where cold air blowing up of a moving mesh conveyor belt that carries the product. Air speed is high enough, so he levitates product like particles dance along the pipeline. Particles products, frozen individually and not sinter. Stay in the cell is approximately several minutes. This IQF system is especially adapted to the small size of the particles, such as peas and corn, but also works well for large components, such as chips and French fries...

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