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Open cycle against the closed cycle systems

Mechanical cooling system to always use the closed cycle cooling. In other words, the refrigerant isolated from the environment. In open-loop cooling substances do cooling open to his environment.

Old-fashioned refrigerator, used open-loop cooling. Ice makes the cooling was exposed to the environment around it. In the refrigerator was not mechanically refrigerated. A piece of ice was placed in the top and the food was stored at the bottom of the refrigerator. Heat carried convection air flows from the food to the ice, for cooling food and melting of the ice as it swallowed up its latent heat of melting. When the ice melted, the water runoff carried the heat absorbed by the ice from the box into the drain pan below the refrigerator.

In an open cycle, do the work of the cooling can be easily reused. The ice was replaced regularly and drain pan emptied to keep in the refrigerator work.

Dining room with wet outer jacket is another example of open-loop cooling.

Water bottle cap evaporates, absorbing its latent heat of vaporization from the outer wall of the dining room and the ambient air. Water in the dining room, in turn, is losing heat in the dining room, the walls, the cooling water. This works especially well in hot, dry climates, where evaporation occurs quickly. As in the case of a refrigerator, dining area and open cycle and make the case cooling is in direct contact with the environment around it. When he had finished the work, the water flask jacket is lost from the cycle and cannot be easily re-used, because it is mixed with air. The water should be poured onto the dining room jacket to keep the cycle of work.

If water were much less numerous than it is, its use in the open cycle refrigeration systems would disappear. Instead, the means will be found and disposal of water, so that none would be lost to the environment. Theoretically, the refrigerant can be used in open loop cooling system. Here stands out from the refrigerant drum in the coil. As the liquid refrigerant absorbs its latent heat of vaporization of the air outside the coil pipe, the air cooled and refrigerant boils, changes the state from liquid to gas. As with other open-loop systems, do the work of cooling are open to their environment and not re-used. Unlike water or ice, however, refrigerants are rare and expensive, and damage to our atmosphere. In most places around the world, it is illegal to release them directly into the atmosphere..

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