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The High Side Float Valves

Similar to the low side of the float valve control, high-side float valve control the liquid level actuator refrigerant metering device. It regulates the flow of the liquid in the evaporator in response rate vapour refrigerant enters the compressor. These devices differ from their low-side counterparts in their location in the system and die, as diey maintain the level of liquid in die evaporator. And low-side float control valve controls the level of refrigerant into the evaporator by direct measurement of fluid height of the high side of the float control valve regulates the amount of liquid to die in the evaporator indirecdy by maintaining a constant level of liquid in the high side of the float chamber.

Incision high pressure float valve. Please note that float control valve opens on the growth of liquid level and die weight float always position the needle on the back of the seat. Therefore, the valve closes as liquid refrigerant passes from die float chamber high pressure in the low pressure in the evaporator. The float is also positioned in a manner that supports liquid seal the valve seat.

This strategy eliminates the possibility of drawing, which could happen if the high speed of the refrigerant vapor were permitted to attend dirough die metering device. High side of the float Assembly also contain the ventilation pipe, which prevents the float chamber become associated gas of non-condensable gases that may collect in the chamber. If tliis allow that to happen, gases would prevent liquid refrigerant from the entrance to the valve body. As the fluid flows through die valve seat, siphons any gases from the top of the valve body, so they pass through the evaporator and get trapped in the condenser.

High side of the float valve control acts as a liquid at the outlet of the condenser collects in the float chamber. Die liquid rises, the float also rises, repositioning connected to the conical needle. The needle moves relative to the seat of the valve in the liquid flow modulated of die float chamber and into the evaporator. As the steam condenses in the condenser on dying same speed as the liquid in the evaporator, high pressure float valve continuously feeds the liquid in the evaporator at the same pace as it vaporizing, regardless of the load on the system. When the compressor cycles off, the liquid level in the float chamber falls, causing float control valve to close and remain closed until the compressor cycles.

High side of the float valve control allows only a small amount of refrigerant to stay in the high-pressure side of the system during operation of the compressor. Thus, the majority of refrigerant always in the evaporator. This operational characteristics requires diat these systems, critical charged. High side of the float system is overloaded refrigerant will overfeed die evaporator, allowing the liquid refrigerant to flood back into the compressor. If the system is seriously overloaded, float valve control will not be able to reduce the consumption of the liquid to a level that allows the compressor to reduce the low side pressure to the required pressure and the saturation temperature. Conversely, when the system including high pressure float valve control understated operation float becomes unstable and evaporator with hunger.

On the high side float control valve is used filled-type evaporator. In these applications, high-pressure liquid coolant leaving the float valve control splits into a breather (low-pressure receiver). Low pressure liquid refrigerant flows to the evaporator drop leg tube attached to the bottom of the separator. Suction steam leaves the evaporator together with the flashed steam pulling off the top of die separator. To liquid flooding back when changes in load separator has a minimum amount equal to 25% of the evaporator volume.

Unlike the low side of the float valve control, die high side of the float valve control, being independent of the evaporator liquid level, can be installed eidier above or below one. Use the vent plugs also allows you to set the high side of the float valve in the point above or below the condenser without hazard of the gas binding. However, the float valve must be located as close to the evaporator, and possibly be level, to ensure adequate response float and needle Assembly. When the float is some distance from the evaporator, as a rule should be made to maintain a high fluid pressure in the line between the float valve and die evaporator to prevent premature expansion of the liquid. In small systems, this is accomplished by setting intermediate valve on the liquid line at evaporator inlet.

As systems with a high side of the float valves should be critically charged, they can be used in multiple evaporator configurations. The high side float valves operation selected for flooded evaporator an application based on the abilities necessary evaporator during operation. The float is selected so that the refrigerant mass flow through the valve corresponds to the execution conditions with minimum pressure loss arising on the flap...

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