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Azeotropic Mixture

In azeotropic refrigerant mixture consists of two substances having different properties, but also act as a single substance. These two elements may be separated by distillation. The most common azeotropic refrigerant R-502, which contains 48.8% R-22 and 51.2% R-115. His COP higher than that of R-22 and its low toxicity provides the opportunity to use this refrigerant in household refrigeration system and food the refrigeration industry. Some other examples of azeotropic mixture R-500 (73.8% R-12 + 26.2% R-152a), R-503 (59.9% R-13 + 40.1% R-23), and R-504 (48.2% R-32 + 51.8% R-115)...
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