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The Service Valve

Depending on the device you are working, fittings vary and will be different. Fig. 26-1 shows the different services valves. Service valves, devices that allow access in hermetic refrigerating systems. The most economical way to do this is by crimping. This procedure is performed at the factory. Small length of the copper pipe attached to the suction side and the high side of the system. When the desired quantity of refrigerant was placed in the system, corrugated pipes and solder closed. When this is completed, then this is not the way to get back into the system. On Fig. 26-2 corrugated access is displayed.



The following typeservice valve is called a line-crane-valve. Fig. 26-3 shows one of them. This valve is used for soft copper and does not require any soldering.

It is installed by means of screws. One of the disadvantages of this type of valve leaks. A small rubber “0″ ring seal valve the refrigerant lines and is a weak link in the chain. If used on the discharge line, valve has a limited life due to temperature fluctuations used rubber “0″ ring.


The most common service valve is used on small equipment Schrader valve. This valve is shown in Fig. 26-4 and very faBfamiliar but all this is used on both the low and the high sides of the refrigeration system. Located in the sleeve clothing collectors indenters. These push the nucleus Schroeder valve opens when ?/4-inch installation is delayed by a valve. The actual part that keeps pressure valve. Valve rods replaceable valve, exhaust hood. Be careful when using this type of valve on the liquid line. The liquid refrigerant has a tendency to throw, when these valves open and close. Burns will result if the refrigerant touches your skin. If corrugated type of seal is being repaired, the Schrader valve can be used. This valve can be purchased with a small length of copper tubes are soldered to it.

These access valves, solder instead of crimped in line.


Packed angle-valve type is more expensive types of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems. As shown in Fig. 26-5 this is completely different from any previous valves mentioned. This valve has the actual valve stem, which moves back and forth to open and close the valve from its seat. Valve shaft passes through the gland nut outside of the valve. Packing in this gland nut holds refrigerant leakage from the system. The small key with a ratchet is called maintenance of refrigeration key is used to open and close the valve. Most of semi-hermetic compressors of this type of valve is used as a service valve and the king of valve receiver. Some versions of this valve is required key, not a service for adjustment.


This type of valve is safe to use, because you have constant control of the refrigerant.

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