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Fluid intake, heat exchangers

Cold gas return from the evaporator, compressor can be used for pre-cooling of the warm liquid running from the condenser to the expansion valve, with the help of suction-to-liquid heat exchanger (Fig. 9.13). In the coolant and a decrease in enthalpy, more refrigerating effect will be obtained. This gain offsets suction gas superheat and the subsequent reduction of the mass flow for the compressor. The overall effect of suction installation-liquid heat exchanger in terms of the thermodynamic efficiency will vary depending on the type of refrigerant and operating conditions.

Suction-to-liquid heat exchanger will supply suction superheat necessary for safe operation of direct expansion evaporator and overheating the windings may be less, thereby making more efficient use of the surface of the evaporator. The bottles must be located in front of the heat exchanger, in this case, the overheating diminishes. It can be located after the heat exchanger, but the external equalizer, then you should turn on the gas pressure drop across the heat exchanger.


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