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Capacitor service

Like any mechanical equipment, condensers, should not be located where they are not available, because then there will be less likely maintenance work carried out. Periodic maintenance capacitor is limited to the attention of moving parts - fans, motors, belts, pumps and water filters if it is installed.

The overall performance will be monitored from the plant running log and heat exchange surfaces must be clean for maximum efficiency is the lowest pressure and low power consumption. Air-cooled surface can be cleaned with a brush from dust and fluff, where the air is delivered to the coil, the combination of high pressure air hose and a vacuum cleaner, or, with the obvious precautions, water hose. Foaming cleansers are also in use.

Early warning should have been from the plant running log of any building scale water-cooled surface. The scale of the inside of the pipe straight double-pipe or shell-and-tube condenser can be mechanically removed by a suitable brushes and high-pressure water spears, as soon as the end caps were removed.

The pipe, which cannot be resolved in this way must be chemically cleaned.

It would be desirable that, where the air and water are available in tower or evaporative condenser, a device will act as a filter air, the dust from the air that passes through it. Such dirt can get into the beautiful water filter, but more often allowed to settle in the bottom of the tank and must be reset twice a year, depending on the severity of local pollution. Where heavy contamination is expected, it is good practice to ensure tank deeper than usual, suction pump is well clear of the bottom of the tank and 3 m deep. Where plant security is vital, the Bank is divided into two parts, which can be emptied separately.

Algae and other organisms, usually grow on wet surfaces, in particular those in the daytime. Control may be carried out at various closed chemicals.....

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