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Non-condensible gases

Other gases, mainly ambient air can enter the cooling system as a result of incomplete emptying before charging, discovery parts for the maintenance or repair or inward leakage circuits operating below atmospheric pressure. These gases will be distributed with refrigerant vapour until they are all in the condenser and receiver. They can't move further along the route from the liquid quench when the expansion valve.

In the framework of the condenser and receiver, gases will dissipate together and will exist in the same proportions, is prohibited. Not condensibles, therefore, can be removed through the drain valves on any vessel, but such valves are usually installed on or near a hot gas at the inlet to the condenser. In the presence of non-condensible gas will be shown the increase condenser pressure (Law of partial Pressures) and can be detected during normal operation and in case, if the current Protocol is accurate. The effect of this capacitor higher the pressure to increase compression and reduce volumetric efficiency and increasing capacity.

There will also be the effect of the gas coating surface condenser, reduce the heat flow.

Where the presence of such a gas is suspected, cross-checking can be done, ensure high-pressure gauges with a certain accuracy. Method to switch off the compressor after a short run, and thus stop the flow of heat in the condenser, but still work in the condenser, until he reached a state of the environment. The vapour pressure of the refrigerant can be determined from the temperature of the coolant fluid, and any increase indicates non-gaseous refrigerant in the system.

Bleeding gas from the purge valve will release a mixture, which can be estimated from the total pressure...

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