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Compressors and pumps will transmit vibration lines connecting them. Methods of installation is recommended producers and should be used. Where vibration separator (Fig. 11.2)that are inserted in the suction and discharge lines, they must be in the same plane as the shaft of the compressor, i.e. horizontal for semi-hermetic and open types of the piston and vertical for all vertical scrolls.

Water and brine pumps can be insulated with flexible connectors. For pipes of small diameter, this may be a normal, reinforced rubber hose, appropriately secured at each end. For larger pipes, corrugated or bellows different types of connectors can be obtained. In all cases, the main pipe must be fastened securely close the socket, so it absorbs vibration. Flexible connectors for refrigerant commonly take the form of corrugated metal hoses, wrapped and wicker. They should be placed as close as possible to the compressor as possible.

Large vibration can be absorbed by the ordinary pipes up to 50 mm 65 mm, provided that it is long enough to move freely with the compressor.

Three pieces, mutually angle, and every 20 diameters long enough. At the end of these vibration-absorbing length of the pipe must be securely fixed. In all cases, anti-vibration mounting equipment, care must be taken to other connection of water, electricity and others, have sufficient flexibility to transmit the vibration.


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