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Provision should be made to measure the temperature of the suction and discharge of the compressor, and the expansion valve liquid entry. Similarly pressure, measurement must occur at the suction and discharge of the compressor. This can be considered as a minimum requirement, and the logs stored during initial commissioning, as well as during the life of the plant. The emergence of electronic sensor thermometer simplified commissioning and installation thermometer wells is less important. Even so, such facilities worth considering when large pipes are being built, and will be with insulated pipes true if the temperature must be taken without damaging the insulation.

Wells should slope down into the pipe, so that they can be partially filled with liquid to provide better thermal contact. Where pipe temperature is an important factor in the system, it is usually worth the permanent thermometer.

Temperature monitoring for electronic control systems are now mainly using a thermocouple or RTD, and they can be attached to the outer side of the pipe with the help of thermal grease and aluminum tapes, pipes and then, through isolation.

Gauges should always be installed at the discharge side of liquid pumps, to check the performance and give warning of a possible fall of flow resulting from the dirty filters. Pressure sensor sensors are mandatory in the air filters.


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