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Pumps with external drive requires gland or printing where the shaft passes out of the crankcase, and are called open compressors. They can be belt-driven or direct-attached to the shaft of the electric motor or other tractor.

The usual form of the shaft seal open for compressors comprises a rotating carbon ring in contact with the polished metal lining ring, Assembly, well lubricated. Carbon ring spring to keep in touch at all operating pressure in the crankcase, and to allow easy movement of the shaft.

When you first start, cooling system will work at a higher suction temperature and pressure than in normal operating conditions and, as a consequence, higher discharge pressure, taking more energy. Engines must be sized appropriately to ensure this pulldown authorities, and a premium of 25% of normal. As a result, the engine will work for most of his life on something below 80% of rated capacity and a lower efficiency, low level of current and poor power factor.

Electrical protection and safety devices must take account of this and power factor correction must be installed on large engines.

Recent developments in electronic engine power and speed control provided a means for reduction of the input power at normal speed to achieve a balance, reducing the load requirements, and modulation of power and speed, as a method of reduction of power. It is unlikely that the electronic speed control will be economical for engines with a capacity of over 100 kW.

There is a need for small compressors be driven from a low-voltage DC. consumables. Typical examples are the batteries in small boats and mobile homes, where they do not have a voltage generator. It is also possible for receipt of such a proposal from the Bank of solar cells. This requirement was fulfilled in the past, diaphragm compressors driven from the crankshaft and piston rod of the R.S. motor, or, vibrating solenoids. The emergence of the electronic devices allowed to get the AC voltage. proposals for hermetic compressors low voltage d.c...

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