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Rotary Compressors

Rotary compressors is typically used to power small cooling devices, such as window air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps up to five tons. There are two main types of rotary compressors: stationary blade and a rotating blade. Blade (scapula) on a rotating blade rotary compressor rotates with the shaft. Stationary blade blade, which remains fixed, and part of the body Assembly. In both types, the blade provides continuous printing for refrigerant vapor. Fig. 4-52 shows a typical two rotating blades of the compressor. Low vapour pressure of the suction line is drawn into the hole. A pair of elbow space for the blade as it spins. As the blades rotate in the steam trap in the space in front of the blade is compressed until it can be moved into the exhaust line of the capacitor.

Commercial rotary vane compressor, using eight blades, Fig. 4-53. Basic operation : eight-blade compressor same as with two blades. Fig. 4-54 shows part of the eight-blade rotary compressor.

This is the external drive the compressor. The shaft seal is shown at the right end. Figure 4-55A shows the cylinder with inlet and outlet channels. The relative positions of the rotors and cylinders, are shown in Fig. 4-55Р‘.

Rotating blades of compressors are often used as a "booster compressor cascade systems. This is the name commonly given to the first compressor in a cascade system.

These compressors has three advantages:

  • They provide the large size of the holes in the suction line.
  • They provide great inlet.
  • They have a very small amount of clearance.
Low pressure may be low. On the low side of the pairs will be drawn into the compressor at very low pressure drop. These compressors provide a large opening in the compressor from the low side. Thus, the pair will focus on the intake stroke. Decoration of the place in these compressors small. Therefore, all the vapour departed to the intake stroke is pushed out of the exhaust. This increases the efficiency of the compressor...
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