Halide leak detectors

Not so long ago leaks were detected with the help of bubbles and water. If this is possible in the area of suspected leak was immersed in soapy water. Bubbles were identified leakage field. If the unit or suspected area is not so easy, submerged in water, it was covered with soap solution. In addition, where the leak was covered in soap bubbles will be made. These indicated the location of the leak. These methods are still used in some cases. However, now you can get a better signs of leakage of electronic equipment with halide leak detectors.

Halide leak detectors used in refrigerating equipment and conditioners. They are intended for leak detection and fireproof halide refrigerant gases. Cm. Fig. 1-36 and 1-37.

Hyper-sensitive detector will detect the presence of only 20 parts per million refrigerant gases. Cm. Fig. 1-38. Another model determines 100 parts halide gas per million parts of air...

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